Sunday, January 6, 2013

step into spring: compare the trend: flats

good morning, sunshine!
speaking of sunshine,
have you guys seen some of the amazingly bright shoe trends for spring '13?

well, i was perusing my usual websites
when i noticed a large price discrepancy between two similar shoes...

top: jenni kayne via piperlime   bottom: shoemint audrey flats

as you can see, the top pair retails for $450.00.
i don't know about your 2013 budget, 
but mine doesn't allow for throwing down that sort of cash on a trendy shoe.

lucky for me,
i am a die-hard shoemint member.
you can be too, let me know and i can send you an invitation :)

so, my most recent purchase was a fraction of the price of the jenni kayne pair.

keep your eyes open for more "compare the trend" posts as spring approaches. 

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