Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wedding wednesday: this girl.

i am almost embarrassed to follow those past two brides,
but it has been a busy week and i am still finding lovely ladies for the series.
so goes my wedding experience.

i love fashion. sure.
but something about being under the gun for such a huge purchase
made me care less.

don't get me wrong,
i picked out a dress that i love, but i tried not to put too much energy into it.

my approach to wedding planning: laissez faire. 

this dress is casablanca, which incidentally means nothing to me.
why did i choose it?
i loved the beadwork on the torso in the champagne tone.
i loved the intricacies of the bottom.
although i knew that petite girls need less volume,
i wanted to look like i was getting married and not going to prom.
[i look young enough as it is]

so, it wasn't kate middleton's train.
she just had to get married two months before i did.
 i knew i wanted a dramatic train, but no pippa was included with my purchase.
the dress is from low's bridal

i picked out the color and the dress for bridesmaids,
but i had a lot of guidance from them.
i didn't want them in long dresses if they wanted to be in short ones.
the color is aubergine, and i cannot remember the designer (for shame).
they came from all about weddings

i changed for the reception into this number. 
i still wanted bridal sophistication, but with comfort
my bridesmaid, and expert hair stylist, did my hair for the wedding & rehearsal.
i did my own makeup.
 i did a trial run with someone, but i did not look like myself.
tell me - why would i want to look like someone else on the biggest day of my life?

our wonderful photographers captured a lot of the awesomeness. 
they do an awesome job and with a creative eye.
andrew and i highly recommend snap happy photographers.

i also enjoyed all the other fashionable festivities (showers, etc.)

but all the fashion in the world could not replace the joy of just being married

next week there will be a new bride
stay tuned :)


  1. What a beautiful bride, and lovely wedding, Jordan! I think the prettiest thing about you is the joy that you express in your eyes and smile. I agree with Carly. This was a super fun post to read!


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