Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend roundup: hard and soft

if i have said it once,
i have said it a thousand times...

my personal style does not fit neatly into any one category.
for example, thursday, i wanted a look that was casual, soft, and fun.
i went light on the makeup and headed out the door...
top: j.crew striped tee (similar here)   pants: glam   necklace: tory burch (gift)  lipstick: mac angel 

contrast that with the look below.
sometimes i get antsy and want to wear my spring purchases.
these jeans are for spring, really and truly. 

i loved the look of the 80s wash with tall black shoes.
i went heavier on the eyeliner, sporting my perennial favorite winged-look.
i threw on a jacket and headed out the door.

jeans: j. brand   shoes: shoemint garbo   lipstick: tom ford spanish pink 

the point is this - 
walk out the door with confidence.
don't put yourself in a box. 

just smile and say "thank you"
when your husband tells you that you belong in a whitesnake music video
[truth bomb]

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