Tuesday, February 5, 2013

anti-valentine's day wish

there are two sides to every story.
[usually more]

here's an angle:
i am happily married, and i don't care for valentine's day,
and neither does my husband.

my mom always says, "when you're married, every day is valentine's day."
isn't that sweet?

frustrated single ladies,
i hear ya.
you mean i have to endure another valentine's day alone?

it's one day. just a day. a manufactured holiday to spur on our consumerism. 
who wants the pressure? and who couldn't use the money elsewhere?

this valentine's day, 
do whatever. you. want. 
feel like rebelling against it? do it.
feel like buying yourself something? do it. 
feel like ignoring it completely? try it. 

your autonomy and strength as a women 
will not be compromised by some day. 
and that is a promise worth more than diamonds or gold.
[chocolate is a different story]

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