Monday, February 25, 2013

awards chic: academy awards 2013

last night was oscar night!
did you watch?
 i did, then immediately fell asleep afterward.

[super proud of argo and jennifer lawrence]

these are my best dressed
in no particular order.
images via - my go-to for everything.

purples and pinks and reds, oh my!
jennifer lawrence in dior
elegant and flattering.
i love the volume.
anne hathaway in prada.
the color is perfect.
and did you see the back?

no surprise because she nails it all the time.
kerry washington in miu miu
listen, i know she was playing cheerleader for her husband,
but i thought jennifer garner looked stunning in gucci.
the color on her is exquisite! 
presenter extraordinaire - jennifer aniston in valentino
[wow- i picked three jennifers!]
i am convinced she does not age.

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