Tuesday, February 5, 2013

countdown to grammy awards

well, i have only two days until i leave for los angeles.
in case you haven't been keeping up,
i am lucky enough to be attending the grammy awards this year.
call it an act of fate or mere coincidence,
but some of my very favorite bands are playing and/or are nominated for big awards.

a little insight into your exclusively chic author:
i love music. i love fashion.
i love the intersection of music & fashion. 

as far as music goes,
i will be rooting for mumford & sons whenever applicable.
they will also be performing, so i highly anticipate that moment.

best new artist will be an interesting showdown.
while i think fun. will take the title,
i am rooting for the lumineers.

let's be honest,
i am from memphis. i am female.
so, naturally, i am jazzed to see justin timberlake as well.

1 comment:

  1. Ah Jordan!!!! Have fun!!! Post a ton of pictures!! What are you going to wear?


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