Tuesday, February 19, 2013

fashion week wrap-up: work day looks

dear readers,
this week marks one week until the tennessee bar exam.
as such, i am lightening my blogging load by doing a special on fashion week.

i have done my fair share of homework on the looks, created categories,
and i am ready and willing to share my faves.

[note: all images are from style.com]

favorite looks for work.
we all have different wardrobe demands for our careers,
but these looks represent my favorites for work week chic.
i love the color combinations and the feminine touches.

burberry - london fashion week fall 2013

michael kors nyfw fall 2013

j. crew at nyfw fall 2013

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1 comment:

  1. Jordan,

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion week, but did you see who one of the headliners was at Bonnaroo this year?! EEEEEEEE.




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