Thursday, February 7, 2013

packing: grammy trip to los angeles

the time has come, dear readers,
to share some of my outfit planning for the trip to sunny los angeles.
[which, incidentally, will be no warmer than memphis]

i do not use polyvore for the majority of my collages on exclusively chic,
but it is a handy resource for outfit planning based on its breadth of "inventory". 

when it comes time to pack for a trip,
i love to plan outfits and contingency outfits. 
here is my saturday outfit plan,
so stay tuned to see what it looks like on a human being...
[[namely, me]]

also, big news for this small-time blogger.
i was mentioned in a fashion article in the wall street journal,
and it was published today!

Saturday in Los Angeles


  1. Congrats doll! Super exciting and safe travels to LA! It's such a fun city!

    1. Thank You! I love Los Angeles, and I'm super-excited for this trip!

  2. How exciting? It's amazing what you have accomplished with your blog in such a short time! You inspire so many. Keep it up and have fun on your Grammy trip!

    1. Thanks Janet!!! I will keep ya posted on the festivities :)

  3. Love that outfit. I need that bandeau for sure! Have fun in LA!

    xoxo-Chelsea Eli

  4. Hi Jordan. Great to meet you. You are going to the Grammys? How fantastic. I went to the American Music Awards once. It was cool. And congrats on your mention in WSJ. Glad we are connected now.


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