Thursday, February 14, 2013

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happy valentine's day [[ to those who celebrate!]]

if you are like me,
you get the itch this time of year to organize.

i am inspired by boutiques, showrooms, and celebrity closets when it comes to displaying
clothes, accessories, and shoes. 

this bookshelf has made many-a-cameo on this blog,
and that is because she has undergone several facelifts. 

behold the latest:

here are my lighter wash and skinny denim.
i chose to roll this time to see if it conserves space.
in truth, i think it may end in a denim avalanche.
[but the monkey will protect them]

khakis of all shades + corduroys + black and white
and two scarves on top :)

darker denim + wide leg trousers

andrew and i received so many bowls and plates for our wedding,
and they were practically falling out of our cabinets.
i decided to repurpose the prettiest ones for scarves.

here, i have displayed my glasses and sunnies + my enamel bracelets and beaded bracelets. 

i enjoy all the contrasting colors,
but i have a three-tiered bracelet holder on the way, so they won't be strewn about for long.

here, i stacked my crossbody bags over to the side and used a glass bowl
[repurposed from its former use for sides of fruit]
to store rings and a watch.

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zoom in

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