Sunday, February 10, 2013

so far, in los angeles...

flying into los angeles - out of the clouds and into the sun...

we went to rosa mexicano for lunch on friday afternoon.
the food was delicious....
homemade your table.

friday night, we hung out in our amazing hotel lobby at the jw marriott.
the view from wp24 by wolfgang puck was amazing,
 but we ended up eating at trader vic's.
the ahi tuna? amazing....
morgan and i were shopping in splendid and the many shops on robertson.
here is that outfit i showed before i left + a blazer because it is a tad chilly in los angeles. 

here are some of the amazing things i saw on our excursion.
my mom bought those tory burch wedges in the middle.
i bought those gladiator sandals on the bottom.
and i am so glad that sweatshirt says "homies" instead of hermes.
i kind of want one...
we made reservations at ivy for lunch on saturday.
ivy is a historic restaurant on robertson.
the drinks were amazing.
the decor was to-die-for.
the food (tuna tartar + lobster club) was out of this world!
i am not going to lie to you, 
we ate in & out burger for dinner.
despite it causing havoc on my blood sugar,
it was an amazing indulgence.

celebrity sightings so far:

nate berkus

image via

busy phillips

today is the big day... grammy day.
it is 8:10 here in los angeles, and this entire downtown scene is already chaotic.
morgan and i are in a starbucks to get working wi-fi, and the line is wrapped around the place.
our festivities will begin as early as noon, so it will be a long day...
i cannot wait to share the grammy piece with you all :)

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