Thursday, March 28, 2013

chic vs. expense: knowing the difference

have you ever perused the self-help section of bookshelves?
if so, you might see a book like this:

obviously, i wouldn't start a blog dedicated to fashion at all price-points
if i didn't believe that chic defies economics.
however, i wonder if the goal really is that we want to look expensive.
is it?

in fact,
if you take anthropologie for example,
people often will pay higher prices to achieve casual, earthier, and thriftier looks.

image via anthropologie

fashionable celebrities
often go out of their way to look slouchy or casual.

image via the pursuit aesthetic

maybe it is just the law background creeping in, harping on word usage and all,
but i don't think looking expensive is the ideal we should promote.

what i am not saying:
expensive fashion is bad. 
if that were the case, i would be guilty as charged some days. 

what i am saying:
i would be much more interested in reading a book on how to look chic at different prices,
than how to look expensive.

you can't put a price on the confidence that can make an outfit flourish
whether it from old navy or bergdorfs. 

does looking expensive motivate your fashion choices?

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  1. I focus on looking chic and put together. To me expensive doesn't equal chic. I am a sucker for a good brand ;)

    Haute Child in the City


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