Sunday, March 24, 2013

exclusively chic randoms

i love my city.
i cannot explain to you the feeling of crossing the mighty mississippi into home.
i honestly feel a gravity pulling me back whenever i am away.
even my blood sugars tend to regulate.
my body eases.
[not a poem, so don't look too hard for rhymes]

i have to shout-out to neely thomas for introducing me the age-old classic vita-mix.
i knew when she invited me over for a smoothie, that i was going to get the itch to invest in one.
i pretended like i needed justifications like, it will help my diabetes.
it may! but, really, i just love devices that make meal prep easier.
neely also was the first person to get me to try veggies in my smoothies, so now i am hooked.

i am not a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-phobic, granola, health nut, etc.
[in fact, i ate deer bratwurst three times this weekend]
i am a diabetic, and i am mindful of what i eat. 
i indulge sometimes because it keeps me sane, but i love finding healthier options about which i can get excited!

excuse me, i tried my first locally raised egg this weekend.
there is a huge taste difference to me!
that is why i am so excited that the memphis farmers market opens april 6! 

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