Tuesday, March 26, 2013

food and fashion? friends, not foes.

i bet a lot of women have a passion for both food and fashion.
yet, they have such a tumultuous relationship with our body image. 
they shouldn't. 

we can fuel our bodies on the inside with great food.
we can personalize our style on the outside with great fashion.
working cooperatively seems much more appetizing, wouldn't ya say?

you guys!
this vita-mix is the real deal
so far, i have made two smoothies, salad dressing, guacamole, power bars, and banana walnut muffins.

don't feel as though you have to have a vita-mix to  play along,
but i sure am enjoying its companionship lately. 

the power bars are delicious! 
it is a natural recipe...if you're into that.
i am into these bad boys because they are low carb and filling!

 image and recipe via elana's pantry

andrew likes these muffins.
don't get me wrong...so do i.
in fact, i love them.
but it is nice to whip-up something healthy and have it be a household snack. 
these use coconut flour, of which i am now quite fond.
image and recipe via elana's pantry

need a fashion fix this morning?
my inspiration: 

who is really surprised that i like the sneaks?

image via pinterest.
pinterest source: tumblr. 

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