Friday, March 29, 2013

healthy eats + new highlights

nobody likes a fresh trim and highlight session more than i do.
as the months get warmer, the lighter i go.
always brunette, though. 

as you know, a huge part of having diabetes is counting carbohydrates. 
i am genuinely excited when andrew and i make a healthy, filling meal that is also low-carb.
i don't do it because it is a trendy diet, but because it makes my life a heck of a lot easier. 
top left: romain lettuce + slivered almonds + vinaigrette + mandarin oranges
bottom left: yellowfin tuna, pan-seared (minute on each side), originally marinated in sesame oil + soy sauce + ground ginger + salt + pepper+ lime juice + minced garlic
bottom right: butternut squash, tossed in parsley + minced garlic + olive oil + salt + pepper, cooked at 400 degrees for 50 minutes.
top right: the whole shebang with some canned green beans :)
folks, i am the queen of the sweet tooth.
that can get awkward when you are carb-dodging.
i can make a hearty-portion of low carb goodness with:
1 individual sized carb master vanilla yogurt + 3 tbsp noosa honey flavored yogurt + 2 tbsp sugar-free cool whip + 5 raspberries + a handfull of fiber one cereal.
mix mix mix
one cool feature of the vita-mix is the ability to make certain juices.
i am not an adventurous eater, but i am taking all sorts of diet risks this year :)
this particular juice is carrots + lemon juice + water.
it tastes so fresh and nutritious. 

the moral of the story is that i feel better when i am making healthier choices.
the vita-mix has spurred me along in that regard.

it has been less than one week since i made the purchase,
but i already know it was money well spent. 

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