Monday, March 11, 2013

spring cleaning & latest finds

hey friends!
has anyone else been on a spring cleaning rampage
i have...
from my kitchen to my closets.

below you will find photographic evidence of the following:
the fact that spring has sprung in the holt house 
[...or the woman-holt's closets]
and some of my favorite items from birthday gifts/birthday shopping.
i died over these hunter rainboot flats once i put them on.
they may not do the job of the actual boot, but they are great for a post-rain journey to memphis pizza cafe.

i love the time of year when my closet looks this happy.

one of my favorite birthday gifts!

color bomb! 

i think a resort vacation should come with this

did i tell you guys about this yet? my friend atina ((shoutout!)) is so creative and resourceful! she had an extra one of these wooden thingies (name escapes me), and she taught me how to use it to drape my heels. 

...because it is a spring staple this season...

one of my favorite los angeles purchases - they want to be worn so badly! 

color on the shoe hanger! 

tory loves her prints! 

...and jordan loves her lululemon...

went back to folding jeans instead of rolling them...
they are divided into lights and darks, boyfriends to skinnies to bootcut

represent :)

i had been eyeing this dress, and i finally made it mine.
annie griffin. easter? 

excuse me, did someone let a fox in my house?!?!

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