Monday, April 1, 2013

weekend roundup: pikos and skin rashes

it has been a fun easter weekend so far. 
the grizzlies won both their games this weekend, so i am a happy camper!
both outfits this weekend feature tops by piko1988.
locally, they are sold at indigo and the ivory closet. 
they are inexpensive and very comfortable :)

i had been dying to try my denim vest, 
so i paired it with a black piko and some knit sevens. 
that pop of lip is hourglass brand in shade riviera.
guess how i found it?

yep,  it is an admitted fave of the gorgeous jessica alba.

also, i am trying out new face products.
my dexcom has been giving me rashes lately.
i have no idea if this has spurred on itching all over, or if i just have sensitive skin these days.
my neck, face, and chin have all been itching.
i am sampling (thanks sephora!) lines of natural face products - specifically boscia.
i'll let you know of it helps.

  shop the look:

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