Monday, April 1, 2013

almost forgot: new month

on capturing diabetes,
i had a series i called "new month".
in this series, i would highlight upcoming events and goals.
i love setting goals in monthly increments.

april goals:
cleaner eating [thanks vitamix]. eat out less. keep up the pure barre. keep up the running. at least one 5k. brace myself for good or bad bar results. incorporate at least one yoga class this month. fewer high blood sugar readings. solve my rashy skin crisis. keep growing my daisy from zen. 

march goals achieved:
half marathon completed. successful doctor's appointments. daily vitamin. pure barre goal met. 

april events:
monica and bada come in town!

followed this pinterest recipe. substituted agave for honey and cacao chips for chocolate chips. 

maybe you can see it, or maybe not.
i have been experiencing this reaction for a little over a week now.
i'm hoping to find the culprit and cut it out of my life.
if not, an allergist is going to have to solve the issue for me.
how it itches

today, my daisies were transferred to a bigger pot.
 i can't wait to show zen their progress!

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