Saturday, April 13, 2013

big news & return to market

...farmer's market, that is.
but first, the big news.
[[this news isn't big if you've already seen my facebook]]
you ready?
yours truly has officially passed the tennessee bar exam!!
i'd like to thank the academy...
but really, i'd like to thank atina rizk for suggesting we study together at the public library
[and introducing me to republic coffee, making me breakfast, and giving me a shoe rack]
i was nervous, you guys.
i made some bold moves during the study-schedule:
trip to the grammys. trip to the lake. training for a half marathon. 
so, when amber (shout out!) told me my name was on the list,
i was elated. relieved, really...
but they're going to let me be an attorney if i so choose, 
which is pretty cool.
what fun with a screen shot of the successful list and a little photoshop...
i didn't know how others would feel about me publishing their names.

that news made yesterday a fun day.
also, pure barre. lunch with friends. 5k with hubs (under 10 min. miles). party at mom's. grizzlies win!

today hasn't started off half badly either. 
early to rise when you need go to the farmer's market to get your eggs. 
...and i got them! 18 of them...
in addition, i also bought hummus and soap nuts.
i'm sorry, what are soap nuts?
well, i am washing my clothes with them now, so i will review them in my next post :)
let's just say, i was intrigued by the laundry ladies.

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