Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dvf + gap kids & healthier pizza

look out!
diane von furstenberg is not just for grownups anymore...
dvf has collaborated with gap kids to bring you darling little girls' clothes!

shop the looks:

and now a little something for the adults...
do you like pizza?
well, if you are a diabetic (like i am), or watching your carbs,
real pizza is hellacious on our diet. 
that is why i was so thrilled to find a recipe for cauliflower pizza crust.
we borrowed our recipe from pixiedustsavings

step 1: take 2 cups of riced cauliflower ( we riced ours in the vitamix )
step 2: dry cauliflower with paper towel.
step 3: place cauliflower in microwave for 6-8 minutes
step 4: add 1-2 cup cheddar cheese + 2 eggs...mix.
[you may add herbs or garlic as well]
step 5: press onto a greased pan
step 6: bake 12-15 minutes
[we baked 12 min. at 450 deg. with no toppings, then baked additional 3 min. with toppings]

these are just some of the ingredients we used...
the cheddar cheese and egg were for the crust (above).
the mozzarella, feta, peppers, and cilantro spread
 (thanks boys and girls club of memphis at the memphis farmer's market!)
are for the toppings.
the options to top this crust are limitless. 

this crust came out wonderfully! 
it really felt like a bread crust while we were eating it.
we are already planning our next pizza at the holt house :)

 i give it a diabetic a+

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