Saturday, April 20, 2013

farmer's market & a little DIY

you remember how i told you about reading the honest life by jessica alba?
well, there are a lot of do-it-yourself natural beauty recipes.
i wanted to try out the hair mask. 

my do i say abundant. 
i've got a lot of it, and it is thick.
i try not to style or put heat on it most days of the week because the ends get dry. 
so, i thought, perfect! a hair mask for my ends!

you can watch this video of jessica alba on ellen to see where i was going  with this...

i tried it (image below) 

i have mixed reviews. 
that morning, i did the mask, took a shower,
 and my hair was so oily on the ends that i had to wear it in a bun to work.
[hence, the thumbs down]
however, i took a shower when i got home from work,
and after that shampoo + style,  my hair looked more radiant than it has in months.
so, i think it works, but it has to be shampooed out after you leave it in
[as opposed to merely rinsed out with water]
the image of my hair is from this morning.
it still looked like it did last night after a good night's sleep!

so, my hair and i rose early enough to get all the goodies at the farmer's market.

what did i buy this week?
the staple - eggs. 
the new food to try - nourishe chocolate ginger macadamia muffins

i will take those nutrition facts in a muffin. 
nourishe's products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo friendly :)

okay, so what are those bottles in the collage?
i have been wanting something to contain my homemade milks and dressings.
re-hy makes bottles that are healthy to use and eco-friendly.
this morning, i used my vita-mix to make fresh coconut milk.
the new bottle was an amazing container.

there are a lot of unique bottle designs and lids!

finally, what else have i been up to (all before 11:00 AM)?
my second attempt at elana's pantry vitamix power bars!
this time: success! they were tasty last time, but the consistency was off a touch.
i do need to invest in the blade for dry mixes for the vitamix.
this thick paste clogs the blades. 

 until next week at the farmer's market...

in the meantime,
i will be cheering hard for my grizzlies in game 1 of the playoffs against the clippers.
you should cheer too :)

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