Friday, April 5, 2013

fashion, food, and a peachy manicure

yesterday was one of those days when i had a lot going on...
and it was raining...
i knew i needed to go pick up my media pass for memphis fashion week,
so i threw off my workout clothes and threw an outfit together.
[literally, threw it on, brushed out my braid, and applied some makeup]
thankfully, the wardrobe for tonight and saturday will be easier 
because i own pieces from two of the designers showing.

gap vest + warehouse denim + lani california [ivory closet] + lanvin flats

shop the look: 

check out this dinner andrew fixed on wednesday.
we are uhb-sessed with ahi tuna right now.
this is ahi tuna [you see sesame seeds] + jicama fries + squash + red peppers + berries
it was both delightful and diabetic friendly :)

latest shellac mani
i am quite fond of the pink/peach family this spring. 

stay tuned for more coverage of memphis fashion week
and beauty reviews! 


  1. That outfit is hands down my favorite one so far!!! So chic!

  2. My nails are a similar color today. I found you through the Southern Blog Society. I'm a new follower, and just wanted to say hello. :)

  3. Super yummy fruits..I like! :) Changed my nail color into Spring mode as well...


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