Tuesday, April 23, 2013

gatsby fashion

the highly anticipated film, the great gatsby,
is almost here.
undoubtedly, it will cause a fashion roar that echoes the roar of its time period.
in fact, it already has.

brooks brothers has launched its very own gatsby collection. 
what other designers played a part in the film's fashion?
tiffany & co., prada, and miu miu.

this brooks brothers look reminds me of just how dapper menswear can be!
is it strange that all i can think about is scott disick or chuck bass?
really,  they should be thanking the fictional jay gatsby

image via popstyle 

let all the red lips, winged liner, fringed skirts, drop-waists, and headbands have their
moment in the spotlight again!

i'm ready! are you? 
let's gatsby, shall we?

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