Sunday, April 14, 2013

happy diabetes anniversary to me!

do you remember what you were doing on april 14, 2012?
i do.
pure barre. pool side. hospital. diagnosis.
i remember all the worries:
final exams. graduation. bar exam. exercise. 
life expectancy. children. career-life.

in the past year, i have experienced every emotion under the sun,
orbiting around this one new constant - type 1 diabetes.
i understand new levels of fear and intimidation.
i've experienced grave disappointments and mighty triumphs.

if you think about a relationship after one year,
you realize you know each other well, and you're getting comfortable.
that is where i am with diabetes. 
one-year in.

i cannot believe all the things that have happened since that fateful day.
two friends' weddings. graduation. barbri. bar exam. failing the bar exam. job-hunting. job-finding. running. training. accomplishing the half-marathon. the grammys. the lake. deciding to retake the bar exam. studying for the bar exam. passing the bar exam. worrying about headaches. diabetes message boards. chat rooms. blogs. youtube videos. books. magazines. recipes. 

there is no doubt that my world is different,
but i am learning that it really doesn't look all that different.
i can still accomplish all the same goals.
i just count carbs along the way. 

people are dealt a variety of cards in life,
and each hand may hold its own brand of adversity.
but as we continue to play along,
we develop the skills to play our cards effectively. 
one thing we know is that we can never fold.
one year in, i've got my cards. i'm smiling behind them.
and, in spite of it all, i really feel like i am winning. 

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