Friday, April 19, 2013

here lately: instagram edition

here lately,
i have made some purchases, and i will gradually reveal them to you on the blog.
we will start with this courtney lee collection ty crystal spike ring.
jewelry or weapon?
we may never know...
buy here in silver

then, indigo had its moonlight madness sale
of which mom and i partook. 
they had great deals like buy one shoe get one free, 
or buy one jean get one free. 
it's still going on i do believe, so hurry to indigo germantown before it is all picked over!

finally, andrew holt broke his previous record for most colorful meal.
thank you, purple cauliflower.
this week, the meals have been healthy, and the blood sugars have agreed.

sweet readers!! 

i have great friends coming in town this weekend, so stay tuned :)

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