Monday, April 15, 2013

olio: a vintage collection - made in memphis.

hi, all!
exclusively chic is thrilled to show you some local memphis greatness.
if you are anything like i am, then you are new to vintage jewelry. 
below is an interview with emily chandler of olio and links to her fabulous jewelry! 

welcome to exclusively chic! i hope you feel comfortable on the “digital couch”. to start, if you could tell the readers a little about yourself – including what brought you to memphis.

born and bred in dallas, my passion for vintage jewelry and
accessories began at a young age, shopping with my mom and sister to
find the most unique treasures and sharing fantastic finds with my
friends. for as long as i can remember, i have always enjoyed the
thrill of the hunt, digging through an antique store or participating
in an auction, never knowing when that perfect something will catch
your eye. 

during my d.c. adventures, i began dating my now husband clayton, a
native memphian.  after a few years of back-and-forth, i decided to
make the move to memphis, where we have lived for almost ten years.
with two young daughters, life has been hectic to say the least, and i
have missed having a creative outlet to continue my passion for
vintage styles. as a result, about 9 months ago, i decided to launch
olio: a vintage collection after considerable nudges from close family
and friends.

how did you begin designing/selling vintage jewelry?

after graduating from smu, i moved to washington, d.c. where i was
able to translate my love for accessorizing and styling into the
corporate world.  in planning political events and charity
fundraisers, i was able to leverage my creative thinking and bring
unique, memorable designs to a variety of events.

in your opinion, what makes buying vintage pieces special as compared to buying jewelry from any retail shop?

to me, the essence of vintage is a conversation piece it jewels, accessories or clothing. i just love things that
stand out and let you define your personal style at an affordable
price. i think you should buy what you love because with vintage, you
likely will never come across the same thing twice.

What are your favorite pieces from your collection?

it's hard to go wrong with a pair of statement
earrings, which is always my first focus when accessorizing my look
for the day.   however, i do love a fabulous necklace or several
interesting bracelets to complement a t-shirt while i wait in the
carpool line. that is the beauty of vintage – everyone’s style is
different and unique, and i am constantly in search of those
accessories that will personalize any outfit.  i’m looking forward to
traveling this summer in constant pursuit of my next favorite thing.

 Do you offer things other than jewelry? If so, what?

 while my core collection is focused on jewelry, my line
has recently expanded to include handbags, scarves, clothing and

Now, that we know about it, how can we find it?

*all images provided by emily chandler of olio*

i have been scouting out my first purchase on the etsy shop for days now,
and i cannot wait to try something new and dabble in vintage jewelry!
exclusively chic especially likes to show love to memphis designers. 

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