Thursday, April 11, 2013

product review: the honest company: eco-chic-o?

this book is responsible for my newfound love for jicama, orange lipgloss, and homemade salad dressing :)

you may or may not have heard,
but jessica alba has gone from actress to entrepreneur. 
that's right - she has authored a book and implemented a company.
the idea: eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-irritant, hypoallergenic, all-natural.
you get the concept...

what does she sell?
diapers. ointments. dish liquid. laundry detergent. baby bottles. shampoo. all-purpose cleaner.
sunscreen. lotion. laundry pods. lip balm...
you name it, she's making it.

you're not that girl. you don't have a baby. what made you try it?
my skin has been going bananas lately, so i wanted to sample some of the products.

i sampled five:
(1) shampoo/body wash   (2) healing balm   (3) laundry detergent   (4) hand soap  (5) face/body lotion

the shampoo/body wash.
you can instantly tell that there isn't much fuss to this product. 
it doesn't sting your eyes. its smell is subtle. it didn't do anything weird to my hair.
my verdict: i would use it for a baby. i would use it on myself as body wash.
why not shampoo? 
my hair requires a little something extra most days to feel fully clean and nourished.
i have a lot of hair, and it can be unruly. 
however,  i was pleased to know it was gentle on my color-treated hair. 

healing balm.
i would liken this product to aquaphor or elizabeth arden's eight-hour cream.
it is thick enough to use on skin irritations. 
apparently, moms can use this on baby's skin and diaper rash.
my verdict: very worthwhile. 

laundry detergent.
if you are looking for a downy-fresh smell,
this product is not for you.
if fragrant detergents make you break out, 
this may be the product for which you've been waiting!
my verdict: i washed my towels and pillow cases with this sample.
no smell, but no itches either!

hand soap.
hallelujah! a soap that doesn't immediately make my hands feel dry.
do you ever get itchy palms? i do. 
i like the idea of a natural soap for my hands and my sensitive skin.
my verdict: a winner. 

face/body lotion.
it isn't half bad. it smells light. it hasn't given me a bad reaction.
it doesn't do anything fabulous, unless you just like to know you're using a gentler lotion
...of which there are plenty on the market.

i like the concept.
i think it is marketed very well. 
alba really sells you on the idea of stripping it down and getting back to basics.
what makes it inviting to someone like me, who doesn't call herself eco,
[pans to photo of my SUV]
is that it is all really stinkin' cute...especially those diapers!

my skepticism.
the cost. 
again, i don't have a baby. 
i have no idea if the "diaper bundle" coming to you monthly is more 
economical than just buying diapers at the store.
 i have no idea if it is even enough diapers. 
the bundle is $79.95 monthly - the quantities are listed below.
it also includes packages of wipes.
there is a "family essentials bundle", which is what i sampled.
these are your skin and household products.
it is $35.95 monthly, and you can mix-and-match products. 
[your actual products are larger than the samples i photographed above]

the subscription.
 they charge you monthly. 
from what i understand with honest company,
you must join to buy products (you can't just buy things), 
and you have to contact customer service to get them to stop making monthly shipments.
so you can opt out whenever, but you will be charged if you do nothing.
2016 Update: Honest is sold in retailers like Nordstrom and Target. 

skeptical but curious?
i'd say the book is worth a read, and you can decide from there. 


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  1. Love the Honest diapers for my newborn. This particular box was returned since my baby grew out of this stage. Amazon has a great return policy. I had to call customer service for a question and the rep was really helpful. I'm happy with the experience.
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