Tuesday, April 16, 2013

product review: kitsch

this is worth repeating: i am a product junkie. 
so, when kitsch sent me some products, i was jazzed to try them.
first of all, check out the cute packaging:

what makes them different than ordinary hair ties?
less creasing

my approach:
i will wear them in all of my daily activities when i need my hair up and note my impression.
for example, i can wear them to pure barre, pop my hair up for class, and pull it down an hour later...

you may be thinking,
if it is not tight enough to crease, does it hold your hair up well?
yes, indeed. 
another common activity of mine is running.
i mean, i am not super quick, but i still need hair to stay put.
one 5K later, my hair was still in place.

the bonus:
they're cute. really cute. 
i am all about mixing function and fashion.
these are comfortable and chic to wear on your wrist.

you can buy neon. pastel. sparkly. primary. patterned. 

i would highly recommend checking out these kitsch hair ties!


or shop now:

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