Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tag! i'm it: 5 things...

oh my! 
wake up your wardrobe has tagged me in an 
oh-so-popular "5-things about me" post.
so, here goes nothing...

1. i am ironies. 
i can be a walking irony. for instance, i have the world's largest sweet tooth, but because i have diabetes, i have to be careful. i am a beauty product junkie, but i have developed the world's most sensitive skin. this prompted me to switch to all-natural product lines. i am scared of my own shadow, roller coasters, and scary movies...but i love severe weather, including tornadoes. 
makes sense, right? no.

2. people refuse to believe i am my age. 
it started when i was 17, and i went to visit the university of tennessee's campus with my mom and three friends. when we went to check into the dorms, the lady assumed i was someone's younger sibling and almost didn't check me in. in macy's, a shoe sales lady once turned to my mom and asked, "should we get her a shoe with a lower heel? this one might be too old for her." i got ruthlessly carded in the bahamas when i was 22. the bahamian drinking age is 18. the bartender thought my license was fake. 
oh, you'll be glad one day, they tell me. that day has come. i am 26-years-young, and i am proud to look 15. especially when i don't wear make-up...or maybe because i am a child at heart.

3. i love everything about maui. 
when people told me hawaii was paradise, i still had no idea what to expect on our honeymoon. 
obviously, the aesthetics of the island are unparalleled, but it was the attitude of the whole place that was so inviting. you'd never know it costs an arm and a leg to live in maui, because no one seems to have any worries what-so-ever. you want to surf? go surf. you want to raise macadamia nuts (a la roseanne)? be my guest. i really embraced the spirit of aloha that week, and i wish it would trickle over to the other 49 states. 

4. my husband and i met in acting class
no, we are not actors. i was taking the class to help overcome a fear of public speaking and sharpen my mock trial skills. andrew was taking the class to help with pitching on the baseball team (mentally). many people dropped this class after the first meeting because our very first assignment was to lip-sync a song in front of the whole class. i lost sleep over this assignment. i ended up singing "you're so vain", and andrew sang tubthumping by chumbawumba. every time they sang "i get knocked down", he would fall on the floor. talk about the ultimate relationship ice-breaker!

5. diabetes & anxiety
it is no secret at this point that i have type 1 diabetes. my disease will be a whole year-old this month. my theory is that if my diabetes had been diagnosed in a doctor's office, allowing me to transition smoothly into an insulin regimen, i wouldn't experience as much anxiety today. because i had to experience the trauma of hospitalization and diabetic ketoacidosis, i have an embedded fear of health crises. since diagnosis, i have experienced two panic attacks. each time i was reacting to sensations in my body and obsessing over whether or not they were dangerous. as a result, i have learned some cool breathing techniques and mantras to help maintain a positive headspace. i share this to say that anxiety can strike anyone. it can be scary, but it doesn't have to be shameful. 

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