Friday, May 3, 2013

ship it or skip it: nike blazers

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hi all, and happy friday!
today is huge here in memphis, because our memphis grizzlies 
are positioned to knock out the los angeles clippers and advance in the nba playoffs. 
may the better team win ...
[cough cough grizzlies]

this is a new blog series entitled "ship it or skip it".
when i saw the above picture on pinterest, 
i grew fixated on these shoes - nike blazers. 
i am going to argue both sides of the case, 
and i need the readers to help me decide whether to ship it or skip it...

ship it.
first of all, i love them. isn't that enough?
i don't have any red sneaks, and i certainly don't own any high tops. 
remember back at the new year?
i made a resolution to embrace an edgier style.
they look throwback classic, and i always dig that in a shoe.

skip it.
they are priced at $125.00. 
so, i ask you, is love really enough?
furthermore, i already have sneaker wedges in black. 
you've seen them, because i used to blog them ad nauseam. 
i own over five pairs of athletic shoes or style sneakers. 
how many does one girl need?

so, i ask you, dear readers, ship it or skip it?
be honest. 
you can comment here. tweet. facebook. it matters not to me.
do what you do! 

have a blessed weekend :)


  1. Definitely ship it! I love them as well! I've been wanting some red sneaks for a while and I was gravitating towards the old stand-by, Chuck Taylors. Maybe I'll get the high tops instead! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I kinda love these shoes! I say ship it!

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts


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