Tuesday, June 4, 2013

cfda 2013 & the biebs?

image via glamour
i don't pride myself a sofia vergara fan most days when it comes to fashion,
but i know a knock-out dress when i see one.
this, my friends, is an amazing color choice & an amazing fit.
kudos, sofia! 

image via glamour

let's be real, i like almost everything nicole richie wears...

in other news, 
i am super-excited that phillip lim won for best accessories.

no, really, in other(worldly) news,

image via business insider
what exactly do you call this? 
i am so distracted by what appear to be unmovable eyebrows 
and a hat from the fifth dimension,
that i can scarcely comment on the rather telling choice of leather and chains.
i don't care what you do in your private life, biebs, but this a public display of ridiculous.

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