Monday, June 10, 2013

home again, lake it or not...

well, folks, it was another excellent lake trip.
many laughs were had. many calories consumed. 
but it is always nice to be back in memphis.

i bought this headband from indigo before i went on this lake trip. 
it was a lot of fun trying to cope with wind/lake hair,
but i really enjoyed this bad boy.
the brand is called brightly twisted. 
 i have no idea what my face is doing. 
gotta love action shots...

so, i mentioned calories consumed...
turns out, my friends can cook.

lindsey and daniel wells made an amazing meal of stuffed chicken + summer salad + sweet potato fries + green beans.

morgan made two delicious pasta dishes on the first night, and they were both amazing!

and sometimes, just for a change of scenery,
we ate breakfast in the sunroom...

i think it is good to get away sometimes...
especially if you're anything like me,
easily swept up in the go-go-go of the daily grind.
it is hard to turn my brain off sometimes and simply be still.

but i stole some moments to myself
if only for a little while...

i need to work on doing more of that.
until then, back to the grind...

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