Monday, June 17, 2013

home stuff: kitchens

the holts have been thinking a lot about home stuff lately,
and it has inspired a new blog series.
i will go room-by-room and share chic finds.

the kitchen.
in my experience,
folks always gather in the kitchen.
so a kitchen should feel warm, welcoming, and chic.

here are some of my favorite kitchen looks:

what i love: the farmhouse sink, the cleanliness of white (always), and all the natural light.
image here

what i love: stainless steel appliances, counter tops, and the cleanliness of white.
image here

having a chic kitchen is more than just the big stuff
like the right granite or the perfect cabinet finish.
well, that stuff is important, but there is so much creativity in the little things...

shop the room:

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