Tuesday, July 30, 2013

brand alert: boden

it started out so innocently...
i checked the mail, pulled out a stack, and among the pile was a catalog.
i dismissed the catalog for a week until i finally decided to take a look.
big mistake. i want everything.

including but not limited to:

is this sixties sweater not to-die-for? i love the neckline.
so audrey!! this is my shopping cart as i type.

and, obviously, i need these...

do i even have to talk you into this one?
colorful prep? work-week-chic? sign me up...

doesn't the universe know i am moving this week?
why must it tempt me so hard in the fashion department?
is it christmas list time, yet?

1 comment:

  1. They do have really cute things but I have found their sizing to be a bit tricky. The shirt sizes are not consistent (at least in my experience).....I have two blouses from there, one in a size 2 the other in a 6. Strange!


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