Sunday, July 7, 2013

fall 2013: trends galore

ain't it just like me to get excited about fall fashion in july? 
it all started when i saw my first ad with a woman in a sweater covering her hands,
and i thought, ah yes, that *is* cozy.
(well known fact: the best accessory for an oversized sweater is a cup of coffee)

image from pinterest (no click-through source)

doing my favorite homework, i uncovered some of the fall trends for you!
get excited: red. violet. animal. menswear. 
and i am dying over that haircut. very tempting!
want to keep up with more fall looks?
follow my pinboard fall fashion frenzy.

can you tell which bootie is  over $1000 and which is $30 on shoemint?
me neither. but i will give you a hint:
the shoemint shoes come in black and red.

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