Friday, July 26, 2013

fall frenzy: a teaser

it's around the corner,
and all the signs are here:
cooler mornings, back-to-school sales, football talk...
are you prepared for its arrival?
image via pinterest (source unknown)

who doesn't love fall fashion?
sweaters in all shapes and sizes. jeans. boots. lightweight scarves. dark nails.
warmer hair colors. (for me) getting out my big purses. 

the trends look promising...
i will be reporting on them in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 
for now, this is a teaser.
it is just a little way to help you get excited...

image via pinterest (source unknown)
the food and environment is just better in the fall isn't it?
we can get our crockpot back out and make soups/stews.
we start investing in butternut and spaghetti squash again.
and don't get me started on the coffee.
i mean, pumpkin spice everything.

i can't wait to wakeup earlier, brew my coffee, and take my dog on a walk to
breathe in the crisp air.
image here

then, we have the happiness that fall brings to our home.
for me, that may be as simple as a pillow swap and some clove/cinnamon/pumpkin candles
[our favorites: look for yankee candle in farmer's market or bath and body works in leaves]
the home gets cozier to prepare for quality indoor time in the colder months ahead.
my music playlists change, too.
as i am deep into fall, christmas shopping, and transitioning to winter,
i get on the biggest michael buble/frank sinatra kick.
oh, and i watch midnight in paris on the regular.

there's a romance about fall and winter that i find appealing.
so, have i gotten you sufficiently excited yet?

you memphians will be kicking me when it stays in the 90s through september,
but, hey, so far so good, memphis weather...
i'll take it.

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