Wednesday, August 7, 2013

home decor: tracy's nashville condo

hello again, friends and neighbors...
in keeping with the home decor theme,
my law school buddy, tracy alcock, has agreed to share
her condo decorating experience in nashville.
you see, it all started when she put a picture of her dining room on facebook.
i knew immediately that i wanted to blog it.
so, folks, let's sit back and be inspired together...

 Do you live in a house, apartment, or condo?

We live in a condo on West End in Nashville and we LOVE it!!  It is so nice to be living in this location and close to everything here in Nashville.  Plus, we were not quite ready for home ownership yet, so renting a condo has been very nice for us.  

 Describe your home decor taste.

I would describe my decor taste as traditional with a modern twist!  For example, I love that our dining room is traditional and displays so many of our beautiful dishes, trays and crystal, while also having a modern look with the particular dishes that we selected.  And for china, I have my grandmother's full set of beautiful, traditional china with a platinum band, but we also have a beautiful new set of china that is white and rather modern - it is called Villeroy and Boch New Wave Bone China.  

 If you had to pick three stores or catalogues to exclusively use for home furnishing or decor, what would they be?

Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Z Gallerie  

 Now, specifically referring to your dining room, how did you choose the look?

We were extremely lucky that our condo came with a dining room that had built-in shelves.  Since we moved here after just getting married, I basically lined up all of our new wedding gifts in the dining room and determined which of the items I wanted to display and were just too pretty to keep inside cabinets!!  Once I had a collection of items that I wanted to display, it became a very fun puzzle (yes I am extremely OCD!) for me to determine which piece could fit where -- all the while trying to keep things symmetrical with size, shape, color, and finish.  For example, I made sure to put crystal on both sides and on even shelves.  Plus, I chose a particular set of colors throughout my dishes -- mainly silvers, teals and whites, so this made it easier for the display.  Then, for each item I placed on a shelf, I would over-analyze whether I liked it in that place!!  (I over-analyze EVERYTHING!!)  Finally, I was happy with my project!

 What advice would you give someone  trying to make the most of his or her dining space?

I would say be okay with starting small.  Our dining room table is pretty small, but we are happy with it for now!!  The fun is decorating what you do have -- and keeping it organized.  I am all about organizing everything that you have -- it makes it easier to find something when you need it!

 What are you planning for your next home decor purchase?

I would say our next purchase would be a nice area rug, and then eventually new couches!

 What has been the biggest challenge or frustration?

Hummm . . .I would have to say my biggest challenge has been learning to live with a male roommate (my new husband!!) haha!  I love him dearly and love our new married life, but, it certainly has been a funny thing to get used to the difference between our cleaning, decorating and organizational habits!!  Hopefully one day soon we will be used to each other's style!  On the bright side, it definitely was helpful to have a man help hang up the heavy mirrors and set up the heavy furniture!  


  1. Really lovely designs! It is amazing what a little bit of extra touches here and there can make to a room. We recently saw some very cool dinette tables that we think will make our dining room feel like a whole new place

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