Saturday, August 24, 2013

i don't know about you...

i hate when i let all my thoughts and ideas backlog for a while.
a lot has happened in the past few weeks, 
and i certainly have not intended to leave you readers in the cold. 
i will try to break it down into larger categories.
let's catch up shall we?

many of you read my tribute to david santucci, 
and i am thankful for all the warm comments.
again, i can only speak for myself in situations like this...
the outpouring of support for tucci and his family 
has encouraged me in my grieving process.
our friends have really stood together to help each other 
and to honor tucci's legacy.

some really cool people are organizing some really cool things
to do good work in the community in tucci's honor.

our celebration of tucci after the funeral.

well, you know that andrew and i have moved.
man, getting a home the way you want it is work
thankfully, i have a crafty husband who had some time off to do some updates.

that dining room you see in the back used to be dark brown.
andrew and i painted it a white color from sherwin williams.
additionally, andrew refinished our coffee table
[which used to be dark brown wood]
what have i done?
bought pillows...
no, really.
so, i am comfortable with neutrals because they are safe.
i have no idea how to pop color in this room tastefully.
it is above my pay grade, truthfully.
we have a decorator coming next week to give us some tips.
these pillows are pier1 and nate berkus for target.
well, i made a move.
while i enjoyed my time working in the area of real estate law,
i decided to accept a position in human resources at autozone.
it was a place i grew fond of during my internship,
and i am beyond thrilled to be back on the team.
that being said, i have spent way too much brain power 
thinking about how to decorate a cubicle.

oh yeah, fashion!
j.crew shirt + banana republic shorts + charles phillip shanghai shoes
free people shirt + kensie leggings + nike shoes

junior league.
today, i went on a tour with the junior league of some of the places
where they offer time and services.
i am excited to be a new part of the organization,
and i look forward to meeting more wonderful women!
we visited the repeat boutique, lebonheur, and the hope house.

the repeat boutique

the artwork at lebonheur children's hospital
i will try not to have such large gaps between posts.
a lot was going on during the past few weeks,
and sometimes it is hard to process anything else.
as always, thank you for reading.
this blog is only a small part of who i am, 
but it provides such a wonderful outlet for me.

have a good week & keep cool! 

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