Sunday, August 4, 2013

we did it: all moved in...

hello, friends!
well, we did it! 
we are all moved in to our east memphis home. 
[and by "all moved in" in mean, we sleep here now]
you know how it is being in a new place...
it takes patience anytime you can muster it.

welcome to our front doors' morning view...
mom and i finally tried rock'n dough pizza!
it is every bit as delicious as it is hyped-up to be.
so, i told you about trying to soften up tan leather man-couches, right?
i got some great throw pillows from pier1 that add texture and that white on metal look i love
that side table? steinmart, folks.
the cat is not for sale. 
...and the truth us, that isn't all of them.
how did i get here?
with the worst case of carrie bradshaw syndrome? is nice to have a closet so accommodating to their needs.

sweet neighbor, martha, brought us some bread as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift!
i love sweet gestures like that!
[how long before i tell her i have a broken pancreas?]

we also got a sweet card and flowers from my in-laws and our friends laura and jim.
[those pictures to come]

we are stoked to be in a new neighborhood,
and i am glad y'all are taking it all in with me:)

happy sunday!

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