Monday, September 23, 2013

chic blogger: rachel laitala

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 tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a coffee, social media, fashion, music and Italian and Mexican food addict. I do a few different things right now. I freelance PR for a fashion lawyer, LaunchHER, in Minneapolis, intern for an agency in Los Angeles and write for my PR/Fashion/Lifestyle blog RachMarie PR, Lucky Magazine, ProfessionGal and One Woman Shop. When I'm not busy working on one of those projects you will find me with relaxing with family and friends, reading fashion magazines, shopping or trying out a new restaurant.

 where do you live?

I live in Minneapolis, MN.

what are the biggest trends there right now?

Capes, hats, metallics, plaids and leather and fur accents seem to be some of the staple items I have been seeing in the fall collections through out the stores and boutiques in the city. With the weather changing to the chillier side soon the sweaters, boots, bulky scarves and hats are ready to make an appearance. And, personally, I can't wait. As much as I love the summer dresses, skirts, sandals and swimsuits, I am ready for fall fashion to invade my closet space.

 what trend is your personal favorite?

I am really loving the mix of things and have yet to really pick a favorite. I need to really dive into my fall shopping and start experimenting a little to figure out what I love the most. I am thinking the capes and leather and fur accents may be the trends that I have the most fun with. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for that perfect leather moto jacket.

 what trend could you do without? 

I couldn't do without the over-sized jackets and knee high boots. Obviously the cold weather we get in Minneapolis plays a part in that but there isn't much that I love more than being snuggled in a big jacket, blanket or sweater so, if I can look fashionable and cute while doing so then sign me up! (Or, give me that jacket!? ;) ) And the boots, riding boots are my favorite but I do love my high-heeled boots as well. They both seem to go seamlessly with almost any outfit I put together.

 what are you most looking forward to this fall, fashion-wise?

I can't wait to start layering more with tees, blazers, jackets, scarves etc. I can never have enough blazers - I am always seeing a new one I feel needs to be added to my wardrobe! I am excited to break out all my boots and scarves are start mixing with fall colors. I will miss the bright, light and cheery summer hues, but fall colors are just so beautiful and I really love black and other dark colors.

 whose style do you covet most?

I just adore Nicole Richie's style. She is so fun and free and not too matchy-matchy and generic, but always looks so sleek and fabulous - in any style!

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