Monday, September 9, 2013

fashion week lately

well, no, i'm not there.
bit i am paying attention.
i've gathered several looks that i consider
"favorites so far",
and i wanted to share them with you.
all these images come from

mara hoffman

peter som

rebecca taylor

rachel roy
i love the use of color in mara hoffman and peter som's looks,
but i don't hate the neutral pallet used by rachel roy and rebecca taylor either.
in fashion, why choose when you can have both?

during fashion week, 
i remember two things:
(1) to look for the looks i'd wear as-is.
(2) to look for other looks with an editing eye toward trends.
meaning, some looks aren't meant to be worn by the everyday girl doing everyday things.
so, i analyze what's going on with the color, shape, texture, and accessories
to extrapolate what this means for women's fashion.

these four looks i would all wear as-is.

whose looks have you been coveting?

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