Friday, September 6, 2013

feeling motivated

i promised i would discuss these earrings.
i bought these at southern couture, here in memphis. 
the folks in there are very nice, by the way.
but i had to know: are these really chanel?
anyone who knows me knows that i don't do knockoffs. 
frankly, i'd rather just not have something if i cannot afford it.
answer: these earrings are made from buttons from old chanel pieces.
so...yes & no.
i haven't made up my mind yet about them,
and i am hoping the maker has her ducks in a row when it comes to a potential lawsuit.

have i mentioned how much i dislike home decor shopping?
it befuddles me daily. 
this tabletop in our sunroom has a centerpiece from steinmart. 
how doesn't like a giant bushel of wheat for fall?
the glasses and plates are from anthropologie to bring color to the room.
don't get me started on rugs - i don't know how people do it!
fashion and home decor are not similar.

and as for my diatribe for the day:
don't you hate when people say "don't try to be someone you're not"?
i get the intent - being yourself is good enough.
right, i get that.
lately, i am into pushing my boundaries.
at one point in my life, i wasn't a runner.
now i am.
at one point in life, i didn't eat wheat bread.
now i do. 
sometimes it is good to strive to become something else.
i'm in the middle of developing my own exercise and eating strategy
to become "a health nut" again.
being a health nut is not something i am naturally,
but it is something i can strive to become over time.

who's with me?!

stay tuned:
i love posting about new york fashion week,
and it is upon us! 
whom are you looking forward to seeing?

i also have something pretty cool planned for next week,
including a guest blog. 

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