Monday, September 30, 2013

from charlotte to carrie

like many girls,
when i watched sex and the city, i related most to charlotte's fashion.
[but i didn't really...i just thought i did]
frankly, i have never been the kate spade girl of ribbons and bows, polka dots and pleats. 
i might have a girly moment or two, but it's not really me.

oh, how i scoffed at carrie bradshaw with her bra straps constantly visible,
but it didn't take me too long to realize she was the one to watch.
she was edgy, individualistic, and trendsetting. 
even if i didn't like each outfit then, i now appreciate her style the most.

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  1. Growing up in Chicago, we all envied Carrie and Samantha and kind of ignored Charlotte's fashion because it was way too proper and girly for someone up here to get away with. So funny how where you live impacts even what character's fashion you liked on Sex and the City! At least we can all agree we weren't fancying Miranda's clothes...

  2. Love this post! And definitely agree with you, Carrie has the best style!! It is by far my favorite, and I agree with Carly (above)...Miranda? Not so great.


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