Tuesday, September 24, 2013

how to blog with only instagram pics

isn't it just so very me to go from a super-serious post
to updating you about fashion, food, and home decor?
well, that's the age-old adage...life goes on.

i could take the approach of always offering you outfit posts
or shoe collages, but i would be offering you only half the story.
that is the beauty of blogging - you can create the life you want people to think you have.
i don't know about you, but i don't have time to blog about my fantasy life. 
i can offer you this:

i am a young woman in her twenties who loves fashion, the city of memphis, and her friends and family. i have type 1 diabetes, which adds a wrinkle into my diet and exercise life, but it makes me work harder at being healthy. i didn't pass the bar the first time, but i did the second time. home decor is fun, but i am not any good at decorating. andrew cooks more than i do, and i love sharing his recipes. oh, and we are trying to start a family with no real idea of what that journey will look like.

that's my life.
i'm not all designers all the time.
i'm not all sunshine and roses.
life has thrown some stuff at me in my adult years,
and this blog helps me navigate those obstacles. 
you are all dears for reading along.

listen, i wasn't about to go into a target and chase down some philip lim...
but my mom did. she bought me this cool shirt and asked, "does it look too much like pajamas?"
when has that ever stopped me?
yep. i know what you're thinking...
"she's still wearing wallabies."
i stand unashamed in that decision.
this was be operating the world of business casual with
j.crew top and chinos + pendleton jacket + wallabies.

guess where andrew and i went on saturday afternoon?
garden ridge.
what did we find there, you ask...
finally my pop color.
how do you all like the cow rug?

my in-laws brought us patio their patio furniture on sunday,
so andrew and i knew we needed one nice backyard meal before we rode off into the sunset
our lives get ridiculously busy.
it's going to be one of those months...

andrew and i met some cool people in our young marrieds class at church.
some we knew already. six of us went to sweetgrass next door. it was my first time there, and it was my
first time to try oysters.
verdict: the place is amazing and i encourage all to go.
oysters: they tasted like the plethora of cocktail sauce i doused them in, which is always good.

well, folks...that's how you play catch-up using only instagram pictures.
i have some more fashion week + red carpet posts coming your way!

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