Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pin Drop Echoes

Squandering the light is the gravest mistake
Like taking for granted each time that you wake
Prepared, though, by Scripture, that darkness may come
To dance on my doorstep and jokingly hum

Hoping for healing each time I awoke
But haunted by reminders it all was a joke
Betrothed to the clock watching time creep again
Assured, though, by Scripture, that He laughs while I plan

I fell on the moment and urged it to cease
Then rose to the mirror in search of some peace
Heartened, though, by Scripture, that I ought not feel hollow
When I hear the first pin drop and chase the echoes that follow

Grief, though unwelcome, will slowly subside
When I wink at my doorstep and regain my stride
Searching hard for the answers in the midst of it all
Ignored, though, the Scripture, that cushions the fall

 It is now that I realize that peace only knocks
When you withdraw your faith from the hands of the clocks
I smile and acknowledge that the best is to come
Intrigued, though, by Scripture, that silenced the hum.

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