Sunday, September 29, 2013

take an interest

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welcome to my new series!
take interest has spawned out of my overwhelming inspirations for the week.
i have had an active pinterest week, and i want to summarize my highlights each sunday.
plus, i find myself awake early on weekends and inspired to write.
grab your coffee and join me, won't you?

i have taken an interest in concrete countertops.

image source unknown

andrew and i are long-term planning to replace our countertops. 
our house was built in the 50s, and the counters certainly reflect that.
with all the appliances being new and our walls set to be painted gray,
i am eager to get a move on with the countertops.
how to choose among quartz, granite, and concrete?
i'm still in my research phase, but i have definitely taken an interest in concrete.

i have taken an interest in bangs.
pinterest source unknown

i am no stranger to bangs.
when my hair was longer, i had grown quite fond of them.

but my hair is shorter now and growing out,
which makes bangs a bit trickier for me.
i am thinking about getting them again, but i will likely go with a more sparse look.
i like when bangs look shaggier and bohemian versus too angular and polished.

i have taken an interest in mint tea.
in the brief moments of my pregnancy, 
i was exploring the wild-world of decaf drinks.
my very favorite tea was tazo's mint tea.
i still find myself drinking it from time to time.
the perks: good breath, de-bloats, and awakens my senses!

i have taken an interest in wilder nails.
image here
is this a good looking manicure or what?
rarely do i like anything ombre or two-toned, but this nail combo is on point.
i cannot wait to try it!

so, those are the top things in which i have taken an interest this week. 
what's on your mind lately?

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