Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fashion is what you make it.

i submit to you that fashion and emotion have never been too far apart. i often wonder if i dress my for my mood or if i dress for the mood for which i am striving. either way, i've never bought into the notion that fashion is merely superficial. it is an extension of our personalities to some degree. 
it is an art if you so choose to indulge in it as such. 

i remember why i chose this outfit. i knew i was going to a concert, and i was feeling light-hearted.
it is good to look "put-together" but sometimes you just can't care so much.

i was heading to the cooper young festival, and i was striving for a happy look.
i remember that i wasn't exactly happy because i had a terrible friday, but i knew the outfit would create the illusion...
and sometimes i am just looking for a way to be comfortable without compromising style.
i make choices that not everyone would make, but i stand behind them. 
and sometimes you just work around the kicks...

the hardest part about fully embracing fashion is the ability to think for yourself.
pick the trends that work for you. table the trends that you don't care for.
but, for goodness sake, draw the lines of your comfort zone in pencil 
and surprise yourself once in a while.

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