Sunday, October 13, 2013

take interest volume 2

take interest is a blog series wherein i let you know what i'm digging this week.
let's do this.

memphis grizzlies.
preseason games have begun, and i am counting down the days to the first home game (nov. 1).
it feels awesome to be back in the forum, even if i am watching games that count for nothing.
i am so thankful for season tickets.

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wedge sneakers.
i've been interested in these for a while, but i scored a great pair in atlanta on sale.
i wore them to the first preseason home game.
this is a polarizing trend, but i love the edgier feel. 

this is the time of year when i bring out all my favorites.
i encourage you to try farmer's market by yankee candle, 
leaves by bath & body works, and baies by diptyque. 

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mother denim.
although i tried on a pair in atlanta and didn't love them,
i am glad that indigo is now carrying them in memphis so i can try other styles.
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tom ford lipstick.
i have a small obsession with his lipsticks. 

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