Monday, October 7, 2013

the sequel to a-town down

a few months ago, i went with colleen to visit emily in atlanta.
this past weekend i went back with some different folks - catherine, ld, monica, and alex.
emily was kind enough to host us, showing us restaurants and other local hotspots. 

we arrived on friday around lunchtime. 
our big plans for the night included the braves' playoff game.
the braves won, for what that is worth to someone who doesn't watch baseball.
i did enjoy chopping and pretending it was a seminoles game...

i was starving by the time we got there, and i was craving a hotdog. 
i ordered a hotdog from a vendor in the stadium,
but i was not prepared for what i was going to receive...

yeah, joke away...
that hotdog was on major steroids.
you know, trying to keep up with the talent in the meat market.
okay, i am going to let this one rest...

saturday was a fun-filled day.
we started with breakfast at west egg.
i wish i had taken a picture of the pimento cheese omelet i ordered.
it was de-licious. 

after breakfast, the guys and girls split up.
guys went to a bar to watch football.
girls shopped.
for the next few hours, i was in retail heaven.

disclaimer: not all those bags you see are mine.
i bought some lipstick, a candle, home decor, jewelry, a hat, and some {more} wedge sneakers :)
it was friends + family weekend a bloomingdales, so i got a great deal on the ash sneaks.
my favorite purchase, though, was the hat.

when shopping wrapped up, we finished watching the tennessee vs. georgia game,
which proved to be a nail-biter. 
then, we headed to dinner at a restaurant called "jct".
all i can say is yum. 
listen to how brave i am - i tried mussels & loved them.
the steak + kale entree was magnificent. 

we finished the night at ivy - what i can only describe as a club.
it was a lot of fun dancing with my friends, but i am certainly not used to being among the oldest people in the room.
i am pretty sure this is a major college hotspot where young hormonal lovers go to make out in public.
that being said, it was a hilariously good time.

we had one more nice meal together before heading back to memphis on sunday morning.
emily took us to j. christopher for brunch.
i bet you can guess that it was delicious.

while i am always happy to visit my friends and experience a different city,
i am rooted here in memphis and miss it when i'm gone.
i've got a fun week coming up - grizzlies preseason + lumineers concert + my housewarming party!
{{so stoked to have grizz season tickets this year}}
stoked enough to do this:

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