Sunday, November 3, 2013

grizz season: the most wonderful time of the year

it's no secret how i feel about memphis. it's the only home i've known, and i am protective of its reputation. i can't make you see it the way i see it, but i can tell you why it is a place worth living. i could have chosen to go to college in florida or law school at ole miss, but i chose rhodes and memphis law for a reason - because i knew i was destined to be a generational memphian. some people spend all their time in memphis plotting their way out of it, setting their sights on nashville or atlanta. something "safer". something "cleaner". something "more glamorous". and so they leave.

imagine a situation where the citizens recognize a city's problems and resolve to be a part of the solution rather than running. i owe memphis that much. memphis has given me an amazing childhood, an unrivaled education, and an overwhelming tolerance for others. there's no way i would have developed such a strong love for music and basketball if i had lived elsewhere. most of all, i was raised by parents who have a contagious affection for this city. so, yes, i am invested. where you see empty buildings, i see potential growth. where you see poverty, i see opportunity to help. it is all a matter of perspective. 

i sat in the fed ex forum on friday night at the grizzlies home opener, and i was reminded why i live somewhere special. people crowded the place to experience the excitement of a new season. at times, the game looked downright tragic. it would have been easy for the players to fold. it would have been easy for the fans to leave, but neither of those things happened. why? because memphians know well the concepts of resilience and determination. on friday, i saw that on display on a basketball court as the grizz clawed their way to victory. 

the grizzlies rolled out the theme "greater memphis" at the onset of the season.i don't know what that theme means to you. to me, it represents a recognition of forward progress and newly tapped potential. i can't make you see memphis the way i see it, but i can encourage you to give it a fair shake. i think you'll be surprised to find that memphis possesses raw character while other cities are busily manufacturing it. 


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