Sunday, November 24, 2013

take interest: volume who knows...

i feel the need to apologize for being so undependable with this blog as of late.
i would explain, but some things are better left unexplained.
we all go through tough seasons, right? 
so today's "take interest" involves what it takes to weather the hard times...

new girl.
i hesitated to watch this show for the longest time.
i mean, miss deschanel just irked me for some reason...
maybe it is just because i blew her off as a hipster chick.
but she, as well as the show, are hilarious.
i have logged way too many hours on it already.

retail therapy.
we all knew i had a shopping problem, right?
well, it gets accentuated when i am using it as a form of therapy.
but check out these purchases!

join my problem:

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